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Current situation in Bangkok/Thailand

Unfortunately, political demonstrations have been taking place again for a while in Bangkok. Please contact your local Federal Department of Foreign Affairs for the latest update/additional information on the current siutation.


Thailand can be visitied all year around. The general climate is tropical with high humidity. The calendar year is devided into three seasons:

March/April - warm and dry

May - October - hot and humid

November - February - dry and somewhat cooler. In Northern Thailand temperatures can drop below zero at night. Many people come also to Thailand during the wetter season. Rain showers usually do not last for days but winds and waves pick up and swimming in the ocean might become impossible. Please note that the weather condiditons for Koh Samui are different from the ones in Phuket/the Andaman Sea.

Tropical Living

Many of the villas we offer are tropical open-plan houses which means that the architecture is open and the rooms are often only enclosed by walls on one or two sides. For many guests who come from a cooler climate, this connection with nature is a unique experience. However, this style of living also demands a certain degree of understanding and respect for nature. We are happy to advise you and help you find the ideal house for your requirements.

Entry Requirements

CH/FL/D/A: 30 days stay without visa. Passports must be valid at least 6 months after the end of your trip. Important: If you enter the country overland you are only allowed to stay 15 days without visa. For detailed information please contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Bern or the Embassy of Thailand close to your home town. 


No vaccination is necessary. If you plan to visit other regions in Southeast Asia, we stongly advise you to contact: Impfzentrum Zurich (phone +41 900 57 51 31 or or your doctor.


Mostly Buddhism

Time difference

GMT: + 5 hours in summer, + 6 hours in winter


Thai. English in larger cities and tourist centers


220 Volt

Additional Cost and Tipping

Additional cost are generally low, in more upmarket, international restaurants and hotels, costs are mainly at the same level as in Switzerland. Many restaurants include a service charge, however, an additional tip is always appreciated if you liked the service. Local guides and staff, maids expect a tip.


Thai Baht (TBH)

Important Travel Information

Your wellfare and security are important to us. Every journey requires careful planning and we ask you to take safety aspects into consideration. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) regularly publishes information on countries which might be exposed to a higher risk based on local politics. This information can be found at and Or a similar department in your home country.


The rule of the road is driving on the left. An international driving license is required to hire a car. We recommend that you hire cars with drivers. Exploring Thailand with a driver normally is only slightly more expensive than hiring just a car, but it is much easier and more relaxing to get around.


Whenever you travel, you are exposed to certain risks such as accidents, illness, theft or unforeseen circumstances back home. Your travel insurance will provide support should you need help. We stronly recommend you contact your insurance agent to get information on your travel coverage.

Travelling with small children

Children are always welcomed guests in Thailand. However, please be advised that some of our villas are not ideal for small children due to the typical open-plan architecture. Please see the individual description of each villa.

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